About Us

Truth be told, we're reluctant to define Haute Stuff and confine it to a box, but since we have to make an impression, we're going to go stick to this: Haute Stuff is your window to the expansive universe of your favourite celebrity's coveted lifestyle. Just at the swipe of your finger, you get a piece of all the action, while exploring the constellation of things that run the gamut from fashion to technology.

Our parent company, Millennial Entertainment Pvt Ltd is a lifestyle - E-commerce startup, determined at serving the best of fashion and luxury (and lots of shopping recommendations!) to a Gen Y cohort (like our name, our concept, too, is quite idiosyncratic, no?).

We may be small, but we are a mighty company with an off-beat name and a team of super passionate people who put on their super stylish thinking caps and churn content which checks all the boxes for a perfect brain break and intellectual dissection, too!

Tbh, Haute Stuff can be anything you want us to be: your gossip-columnist, personal shoppers, beauty consultants, agony aunts or your shopaholic bff, but what we are not is just any other application.

We know we've got big shoes to fill, but, hey, we're armed with our best pair of Manolos (*wink*)!